What is the Lifestyle of an IAS officer

  • July 17, 2019
  • Priya

IAS is one of the elite jobs that every aspirant wants to earn. Including responsibilities, with IAS comes many privileges. Being an IAS officer not only provide you with a desirable rank in the government sector but also gives some great benefits with a good pay. What people are unaware about is that this profession demands tremendous amount of workload and undeniable work timings. It demands ‘service before self’ and in return gives a decent salary and a range of impressive facilities.

Whether it is about the salary, facilities or other perks, people often wonder about the lifestyle of an IAS officer. Pay, bonuses, house, bodyguard, and what else?

Know everything about the life of an IAS officer along with the faculties he/she gets.

  • An IAS officer is assigned a vehicle that he/she can only use for the official or government work. Paying nominal charges to the government, the officer can use the vehicle for personal use.
  • A luxuraious house with the state-of-the-art facilities is issued by the government. Which is mostly used by the family members of an IAS officer. The officer is so occupied with the government tasks that the only time he/she is at home is for sleeping. Being an IAS officer is not a child’s play. The officer is rarely free.
  • Government provides free phone facilities for official work depending on the state and post. In some states, the officer is entitled for only INR 2000-1000 per month. This includes mobile, residential, and internet bills. Sometimes the expenses crosses the government allowance and the officer has to pay extra from his/her pocket. Nothing can be saved for personal use.
  • A bodyguard is allotted to a District Magistrate (DM), Divisional Commissioner, and Chief Secretary. This facility is available only after 5 to 6 years of the employment. Before that is no such facility given to an IAS officer, even if he/she is equally vulnerable.
  • The salary of a young IAS officer ranges between INR 35-40K, which further exceeds to INR 50K for the District Magistrates (DMs). Making a living in such a salary is simply not enough in the present time. Also, the senior IAS officers get a pay around INR 90K with a pile of responsibilities that surely will not match the pay scale.
  • Out of 52 Sundays in a year, the no-working Sundays are around 5 to 10. Moreover, Saturdays are also working despite being holidays. Most of the field officers do the work on weekend and holidays because that days have less visitors and phone calls.

Despite IAS being such a hectic and challenging job, it is the most preferred over all other services. It is because, no other job provides an opportunity to work for mankind and brings a spirit of liveliness. The job pressure, responsibilities and authorities are going to be there in all types of job profile. But, working for mankind brings happiness and satisfaction. One should definitely think of positive IAS lifestyle, despite it being a challenging job.

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