Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in India

  • July 6, 2019
  • Priya
Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in India

If we are to answer this question with all the Most beautiful places in India has, the list would surely be a never-ending one. The geographical brilliance of India cannot be denied at any cost. There are so many places here, in India, which can quench your desires of traveling to a perfect location. India has always been a land of rich culture and heritage, whether it is about traveling historical destinations or culturally soaked places, India has it all. Even if you are an adventure lover or a person who enjoys laid-back vacations, this list here is for you.

To find the best travel location out of all the travel destinations is a bit of a task, we have simplified t for you. However, to sort the top 5 most beautiful places in India was difficult but we have enough reasons for putting up these five destinations in our lists.

The Captivating Beauty of Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir What is a travel destination list without Kashmir on it? This is one of the most incredible and exotic travel destinations in India and is fairly justified. This is why it is also known as “The Heaven on Earth”. The enthralling beauty of the place can be enjoyed through a ride in the Shikara Boat across the Dal Lake. Kashmir is one of those few places in India which are efficient in serving all purposes. For the adventure lovers there is rafting in the white waters of River Sind at Sonmarg and to revel the highest Gondola ride in the world at Gulmarg. While the captivating snow-capped peaks is a delight for the eyes of all other tourists.

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The Divine Essence of Varanasi

Narendra Modi in VaranasiReligion, culture and spirituality, you can find every bit of these three at the mystical lands of Banaras. The exploration of Indian lands is surely going to be incomplete if you haven’t visited Varanasi for once. The entire place holds great significance for the Hindus. Located on the banks of sacred river Ganges, Varanasi is an ultimate place for a spiritual getaway.

The Glittering Gem – Sikkim North-Eastern region of India is filled with many breathtaking locations and has emerged out as the most preferred travel destinations. Sikkim is one of those incredible destinations. This place is of extreme solitude and tranquility. Not just for a laid-back holiday, Sikkim is mostly preferred by the adventures seekers. For adventure sports like water rafting, rock climbing, and mountaineering, there is no place better than Sikkim.

The Backwaters of Kerala beaches, colorful festivals, and pristine backwaters. Yes, we are talking about Kerala. Having the footfall of even more than a thousand tourists every year, Kerala is one of the most picturesque locations in our entire country. It is not wrong to say that Kerala has been showered with an immense natural beauty. Right from spending a beautiful stay in houseboats in Alleppey to the thrilling wildlife safaris, there is a lot to explore in Kerala.

The Azure waters of Andaman & Nicobar

500+ glittering islands tucked in the vastness of the Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar is a relatively unexplored location and Most beautiful place in india. The azure waters of Andaman & Nicobar serve as a gift for the water sports lovers. Also, the world-class scuba diving gives an experience of a lifetime to the divers. Visiting the Havelock Islands and Radhanagar beach is a must.

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