Top 5 Best Racing Games for Android Users

  • May 19, 2018
  • Priya
best racing mobile games

There are so many games available for the Android platform that it is hard to pick one. The gaming universe has already crossed the Billion mark ages ago with thousands of new games coming every year. There are so many genres available in the gaming universe, but everyone cherishes the racing genre. No matter what age group someone belongs to, the racing games have always been loved.

If you are wondering which the best racing game in Android is, here is the list of top 5 grossing games on Play Store.

#1 Need for SpeedTM No Limits

need for speed

There is no racing list if it doesn’t include NFS. From the beginning of the racing genre, NFS has been the cup holder. In No Limits, NFS has reclaimed its dominance in the racing genre. EA has introduced this game in 2015 and made sure to make it a free-to-play racing video game. This is the first white-knuckle edition of Need for Speed especially created for the mobile.


In-app purchases which can be disabled using the device settings.
Rides can be customized.
Easy control and graphics.
Impressive display settings and resolutions.

#2 Asphalt 8: Airborne

asphalt 8

Gameloft introduced Airborne in 2013, and it automatically rose to fame. People love Asphalt for its unique gameplay and maps. This is one of the best arcade racing games available on the Play Store today.


Over 190 high-performance bikes and cars to select from.
Options to customize and upgrade a ride.
New high-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion.
Ability to do stunts such as 360º jumps and barrel rolls.
Stunning visuals and fantastic HD effects.

#3 CSR Racing 2

csr racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is one of the underdogs of racing games. It is not as much famous as NFS or Asphalt but is still loved by gamers. CSR Racing 2 is the chapter on its predecessor – CSR Racing. This one is a drag racing paradise for all the drag lovers. It offers hyper-real drag racing against live players across the world. You can also team up with global players and friends to form a crew.


Next Generation 3D graphics.
Meticulous details of the inside and the outside of a ride.
Over 200 officially licensed vehicles to pick from.
In game purchases are available.
Various upgrades and customizations are available.

#4 Real Racing 3

real racing 3

RR3 is known at the #1 Top Free App in over 100 countries. Currently sitting at #4 on Google Play Store, this game has crossed 200 million downloads. RR3 is a resource-intensive game where the player has an opportunity to compete with global players. This game has already won various awards. I suggest to play it to believe it.


In-app purchases available and can be disabled easily.
Officially licensed tracks – 39 circuits, 17 real-world locations, and a 43-car grid.
Over 140 meticulously detailed cars.
Extremely high-quality visuals.
Easy controls and smooth game play.

#5 Hill Climb Racing

hill climb racing

Hill Climb Racing is my favorite on the list. This cartooned game is based on an aspiring uphill racer called Newton Bill. This is one of the most entertaining and addictive physics-based driving games. For me, this one is the best choice if you have little ones in your home. Hill Climb is easy to play and have the easiest possible controls.


Unique upgrades are available.
Numerous stages with levels to reach.
Cool graphics and smooth physics simulation.
27+ Levels and 28+ Vehicles.
New boosters to drive even further.

This list is merely information about top five of Android racing Games world. I suggest giving them all a shot and discovering your favorite.

If you doubt the list or need to share your views, comment below!

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