Top 10 VR Games for Your Android Phone

  • May 22, 2018
  • Priya
top 10 android mobile game

Virtual Reality or VR is a rapidly growing part of the entertainment sector with the technology being used in watching realistic videos, VR-ready movies and to play VR-ready games. It is immensely popular on PCs because of the entire VR gaming scene. There are a lot of mainstream VR headsets that has enabled commercial VR for you to choose from, such as the Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive. All these VR headsets are quite expensive, added to the cost of a VR-capable system you would have to own, or a gaming console. If you sorely want to experience VR gaming, then the closest and most budget-friendly option that you can try to avail are mobile VR games for Android. There are alternatives like Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard and other standalone VR headsets that you can use to play some virtual reality games right on your android smartphone.

Here are 10 VR Games for Android that you can play in your spare time:

1) Hidden Temple VR-Adventure:

hidden temple vr adventure

Hidden Temple Adventure is a point-and-click game that aims to offer you the full VR experience. It has some well-rendered visuals that is complemented by some immersive, fresh gameplay. You can safely add this to your list of VR games for Android as a top contender.

2) Vanguard V:

vanguard v

There are some great VR games to be expected in the genre and Vanguard V is one of them. Playing from a third-person perspective, this is your usual fast-paced shooting game that will take you by a storm. As far as VR games for Android go, it has some excellent visuals and audio tracks.

3) Sisters:


If you’re looking for a game that’s more on the horror genre than any other, then Sisters is just the game you should play. Think back to when you first played Resident Evil. Now, imagine that with free camera angles with you completely in charge. You can have fun scaring your friends with this VR game on your phone.

4) BattleZ VR:

battlez vr

Among the different VR Games for Android you can find, BattleZ VR is another such game that you can try out from the store. It is a first-person shooter making you take on hordes of zombies. However, being multiplayer, you will get to play with other friends and teams to take on challenges and win with them.

5) Unicorn Happy Place:

unicorn happy place

Unicorn Happy Place is VR game that’s based on a unicorn which stays in a magical forest. You can choose from different modes to complement your experience such as meditation, relaxation, etc. This game is really delightful and still under production. You will be regularly provided with more, new content.

6) Adventure Time: I See Ooo

adventure time

Based on the Cartoon Network series ‘Adventure Time’, this VR game tries to emulate the series and quite successfully does too. It has a well-polished and really enjoyable take on VR games for Android. If you’re looking for a fun-slow paced game that requires you to focus on the gameplay, then Adventure times is exactly what you need.

7) VR Noir:

vr noir

The reason why you and millions of people love VR is because of how visually stimulating it all is. That, coupled with a story-driven cinematic experience is exactly what VR Noir is. It is not your usual run-of-the-mill gaming but feels like a cinematic experience. You will love the voice acting in the game and the narrative, and is a must have for android VR gamers.

8) Proton Pulse:

proton pulse

From the same company which made Vanguard V, Proton Pulse is a game that’s reminiscent of Breakout on VR. It is not like the average brick-breaking game which you might have played earlier, but one that’s quite intense and mesmerizing. Out of all your VR games for Android, you will love this one the most if you are into this mesmerizing game of colors and wild fun.

9) Zombie Shooter VR:

zombie shooter vr

A VR game with a classic case of ‘what you see is what you get’. It literally is, a zombie shooter game as the name suggests, and puts you in the shoes of a man out to shoot and kill zombies. If you have played the earlier arcade games like House of the Dead, then this game will remind you of some of your best moments. Dive into this retro-VR game today and enjoy yourself a hearty-shootout.

10) Chair in a Room:

chair in a room

For the horror fan in you, our last pick in this list of VR games for Android is another one that will scare the living lights out of you. Stuck in a building with dark environments, you have to survive with just a flashlight. All the while your stay, you will be investigating a missing girl and traversing the many scares and thrills the game has to throw at you, all the time playing in first-person perspective.

These are only some of the games that you can download and try if you are into VR games. You’ll be able to play comfortably with just your smartphone and VR cardboard, etc. and explore the market for games other than these top 10 listed here, from different or similar genres.

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