The 3 Best Web Search Engines in The World

  • May 21, 2018
  • Priya
Top Search Engines

Web Search Engines have become a part of our daily lives. No search begins until and unless we have a search engine at our disposal. They are data bundles of images, web pages, videos, etc. which helps us gather as much knowledge about a topic as possible.

We already know about three of the best Web Search Engines available on the internet. But the question is, which one is the best. Let me share my knowledge about the subject.

#1 Google


For me, Google Search engine is the best one out of all the others. Not just I, majority of users opt for Google as compared to other search engines. According to a recent study, Google has acquired about 74% search engine market. Now, this cannot be a mere coincidence, but it is discovered that the mobile, as well as desktop search engine, is dominated by Google.

The tech experts are always improving the Google algorithms which have helped businesses as well as individuals in their search.

#2 Bing


Bing is the best alternative to Google Search Engine and is a strong answer to Google Search. Microsoft launched Bing in 2009 making it Microsoft’s default web browser. The Microsoft Team is striving to make Bing the best search engine on the internet, but are unable to achieve the task as of now. They have made Bing as impressive as possible with changing the background image on a daily basis.

#3 Yahoo!


Yahoo! has not left the competition and is planning to give competition to Google. The real competition is in between Yahoo and Bing with both sharing 5% of the market. It is still the leader in the list of free email providers but somewhat lacks the fire to tumble Google from the number 1 place.

Yahoo! is the third most favorite search engine which offers interface in 38 countries and different languages.


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