Some of the Best Magazines from Around the World

  • May 17, 2018
  • Priya
best magazines from around the world

There are a lot of people who prefer reading magazines as to jumping on their laptops and mobile devices. Even after years of technological advancements, people still ardently rely on their subscribed magazines to read and get educated on whatever they are looking for from that magazine. People even craft their lifestyle around the magazines they read, and what they do on the day they read them. For instance, you might settle down on a Sunday with a cup of coffee and your favorite snack while you read an edition of Readers Digest. You might also read an online magazine of your choice, in a language you are familiar with, on your mobile, computer or any other device. Millions of magazines are circulated all over the world, and many are available in multiple mediums, owing to print and digital publications. However, based on reader patterns, there are a select few which classify as some of the best English magazines online.

Here are some Popular, Best Selling Magazines from across the World:

1. People:

people magazine

Considered as one of the largest in America, the People magazine has more than 45 million readers who are subscribed to it. Its revenue back in 2011 was $997 million, grossing out higher than any other magazines. If you read it, then you’d probably know what to expect when you pick up a copy of people magazine. All kinds of celebrity gossip and news is published in it, interviews and also their special called ‘Sexiest Man Alive and Sexiest Woman Alive’ which is published annually. It is quite successful in print along with an online magazine which you can access any day or time.

2. National Geographic:

national geographic

Though not that popular in the United States, the National Geographic is one of the most popular magazines sold and read in the world. With a circulation of more than 7 million each year, it is quite popular as English magazines online go. True to its roots, the magazine is filled with content that is academic and features important articles, studies and facts relating to history, science and nature. It is known for the thin, glossy paper on which it is printed, complete with amazing pictures of subjects important to each and every article.

3. Awake and The Watchtower:

awake and the Watchtower

Awake and The Watchtower are two separate magazines that are both published by Jehovah’s witnesses. With over 55 million and 59 million magazines circulated every two months, they are two magazines which are published and read the most in the world. Aside from your usual web magazine and online publications, they are distributed hand-to-hand and in libraries. The subject matter discussed in them aren’t necessarily religious and discuss matters like health, nature and much more.

4. Game Informer:

game informer

Relatively newer than most magazines that are currently considered as ‘popular’ publications, Game Informer is a magazine that got established as a proper magazine since its publication in 2015. Since then, it has published around 7 million copies every year and is quite popular in the gaming industry. This newborn print and online magazine has become a staple at game stores like GameStop. You can pick this up to read up about all genres of games and other important snippets related to the gaming industry.

Therefore, these are some of the most popular, best-selling English magazines online and on print that you can subscribe to and read in your spare time. To learn more about any other web magazine that is important or find one that suits your taste, you can go to online magazines websites. Here, you can browse the vast number of selections they have to offer and choose the one which suits your preferences, the best.

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