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  • May 10, 2018
  • Priya
language translation

The process of translation can often be very time-consuming and may require a vast amount of research to be put in. Thanks to the online translator sites the task of language translation has become considerably less tedious. These translator sites increase the productivity and lessen the burden of human translators so that they can focus on topics that are more technical and require subject matter expertise. Also, one can carry out the initial translation job with the help of such translator sites and just run a quick check through afterward to rectify any inefficiencies in the job.

You must have come across websites that have the option of translating the content into other languages. Entrepreneurs do it for a reason. While any business that has a website might do well, it may be lacking the potential to reach the targeted customers worldwide. This is where a website translator comes into the picture. Website translator is used to translate the existing content of a website into the local languages of their respective regions to make the website more accessible and culturally suitable to people around the world. You can find website translators online. Some of them are free and a couple come for a cost. The difference is obvious. The website translators online that are paid will provide you better translation results.

Apart from the return of investments that translating your website might bring in, they are also sure to bring in other benefits such as:

1) Better SEO Rankings: When businesses make effort to offer users with rewarding experiences, Search engines do take a note. They improve the rankings of your website in order to expand customer awareness.

2) Improved User Experience: Despite English being the second most spoken language across the globe, many people feel comfortable using their native language. And what gets better than giving your customer what they like?

3) Better Outreach: Needless to say that translating your website would open up its access to billions of potential users around the world.

On the contrary, a website that is not translated into other languages might result into the loss of valuable business opportunities, messages that entrepreneurs want to be conveyed might get misinterpreted and all of this might come to the benefit of their competitors.

Google translate web is one such free tool with the help of which you can translate the content of your website for free. With Google translate web, it’s not just one language that you can translate your content into. It enables you to translate the content into a multitude of other languages. You can translate your website following the simple steps given below:

1) Access your browser and log on to (It is not necessary to have a Google Account).

2) In the text box on the top left side, paste URL of the target website.

3) Above the box on the right side choose the language you desire the content to be translated into.

4) Once all of this is done, click on the translate tab and you are good to go.

Online web page translation tools are good for start-ups that might not be having a hefty budget to have the content of their website through professional translation services. Also, online web page translation is one way that would get your translation work done in a matter of seconds. It is good for the last minute translation projects or the ones that have tighter deadlines.

Whether human or website based, language translation is important to stay connected with people worldwide. Apart from business, language translation ensures that we do not miss out different activities on the global front.

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