How to Setup Facebook Traffic Ads Campaign?

  • May 16, 2018
  • Priya
How to Setup Facebook Traffic Ad Campaign

Facebook Traffic ads campaigns are considered to be beneficial modes to create awareness as well as increase traffic to your app, page or website.

Facebook has a massive user base, and it also offers greater access to potential customers as compared to other social networking platforms. It has an enormous 1.23 billion users which keep growing on a regular basis. This growing user estimate makes Facebook an ideal platform while comprising of different for advertising options.

A typical Facebook advertising campaign costs less than any other search based advertising while offering a greater variety of campaign goals. Every advertiser gets an opportunity to choose a demand generation model which can help them target different careers, gender, age, interests and other attributes.

Here is the complete guide How to set up Facebook Traffic Ads Campaign

Step 1: Create a Campaign

Log on to your Facebook and click on the down option next to Quick Help. There, you will find a ‘Create Ads’ option which is needed to be opened to create an ad.

Step 2: Choose Your Objective: Traffic

campaign objective

In ‘Create Ads,’ you will find various options which can help you with your ads objective selection. Choose ‘Traffic.’
Traffic – Traffic takes care of sending people to a destination website, app or Messenger conversation, on or off Facebook.

Once you had sufficed with the selection of your objective and given it a Campaign Name, click on ‘Set up Add Account.’

Step 4: Set Up Ads Account

You have to select your Account Country, Currency and Time Zone. These ads billing and reporting data will be recorded and can only be changed by creating new facebook traffic ads account.

Hit Continue when you have implemented all your changes.

Step 5: Create New Ads Set

Select the traffic to your:

• Website
• App
• Messenger

Once done with the destination of your traffic, you have to choose your desired audience.

Choose a location (include/ exclude your desired location), Age, Gender, and Language. You can also include demographics, interests, and behaviors for detailed targeting.

You will be able to see your estimated reach and clicks on the bottom right side which can be affected radically by implementing changes to the Budget & Schedule as well as Audience.

Step 6: Ads Identity

Create an impressive identity for your ads by adding your Facebook page and Instagram account. If you don’t already have a Facebook Page, consider creating one for more traffic.

Choose the Format of the appearance of your ads:

ad identity

Carousal – Create an ad with two or more scrollable images or video.
Single Image – Create up to 6 ads with one image each at no extra charge.
Single Video – Create an ads consisting a video.
Slideshow – Create a looping video as with up to 10 images.
Collection – Feature a collection of items that open into a full-screen mobile experience.

Select images which you need to display on your ads. Enter text which tells people about what you are promoting. You can add links and destination URL as well as look into the preview of how your ad will look like.

Once you are done with all these steps mentioned above, your Facebook Traffic ads Campaign will be successfully implemented and connected to your desired destination. You will generate more traffic via the ads, and you can stop it accordingly.

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