How to Fix Unable to Receive Mails on Rediffmail

  • December 22, 2018
  • Priya

Some email users complain you could be facing this issue because of more than one reason. Some of the reasons are as given below:

  1. You may have blocked the sender either intentionally or accidently and placed him/her in the Block sender list.  This may be the reason why all emails from that particular sender are bouncing back to the sender. You can check your block sender list and unblock him there.
  2. Your email inbox is cluttered. The incoming emails might be going into the spam folder.
  3. Declutter your Rediffmail email inbox by deleting insignificant or unimportant emails. Know the storage capacity of your email account that will help you keeping your account within the limit.
  4. At times heavy internet traffic also causes delays in sending and receiving the emails.
  5. The heightened security cover may also be blocking email to your inbox and directing them to the spam or trash folder.

Troubleshoot Rediffmail:

  1. Send yourself a mail and it does not arrive in your Rediffmail account, check you are entering correct credentials. Without entering proper credentials, you won’t be able to send or receive email.
  2. If the storage space of your email account is full, you won’t be able to receive emails anymore. Delete unnecessary emails and free your storage space.
  3. At times, System Administration migrates your account to another server, but you are notified about it in advance. So the server may be attempting to deliver your email locally on the server instead of delivering the email to the servers listed as your MX records.

For further support you can dial a helpline number of Rediffmail Support service and seek help to resolve the issue. You will be provided the required help to resolve the issue. The Rediffmail email support team will provide you help online or thorough remote connectivity.


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