How to Change Your Gmail Settings?

  • May 10, 2018
  • Priya
How to Change Your Gmail Settings?

When it comes to the security of one’s account, people prefer changing the email, especially Gmail password. No matter how much knowledge and experience they possess, the majority of people fail when it comes to changing Gmail settings. Whether you are using Gmail on Windows, Android or iOS, you can follow below steps to change your Gmail Settings.

1. Open your gmail settings page in your Gmail.

2. Click on the ‘Setting’ option available on the top right side.

settings gmail

3. You will find different tabs such as Accounts and Import, General, Accounts, etc. Choose your desired tab.

4. Save the changes by clicking ‘Save Changes’ option available at the bottom.

After you have saved all the updates made to your Gmail, you will notice the changes according to your updates.

Similarly, you will find a different setting on different platforms with the same aesthetics. All you have to do is find the options there and follow similar steps to achieve your desired task.

There are multiple people who are unable to change the gmail settings even with a guidebook at their disposal. If you are one of them and are unable to figure it out by yourself, you can always approach the customer support. These professionals are available at your disposal 24×7 and strive to provide you with all the information that you might require. Not just changing the Gmail settings, you can always contact them to help you with other issues or learn more. Feel free to talk to one of the executives and discover what needs to be done to complete your task.

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