How to Change Gmail Profile Picture?

  • May 19, 2018
  • Priya
How to Change Gmail Profile Picture

Enhancing the appearance of a profile is one of the most important factors for everyone. Whether you are using Gmail for professional or personal reasons, it is important to make it look as much appealing to the people as possible. Most effective way to enhance the appearance of your profile is by using an attractive profile picture. You can choose any desired picture from your Gmail account. This picture shows up to the people who receive mails from you or send mail to you. If you are looking to change your Gmail profile picture, you may follow below steps to achieve the task.

1. Open our Gmail account.
2. Click in the “Settings” option of the top right corner.
3. Go through “My Picture” section and click on “Change Picture.”
4. Select a picture or simply upload one.
5. Crop your picture according to your desire.
6. Click on “Apply Changes.”

These six steps are how you can change your Gmail profile picture. You can also change the visibility of your Gmail Profile picture by below steps.

1. Open Gmail.
2. Click on the “Settings” option placed on the top right.
3. Open the visibility option in “My Picture” section.

You can change your visibility to:

Everyone – Anyone who searches for your Gmail profile Picture, send you mails, or receive mails from you can see your Gmail Profile Picture.

People you are connected with – People who have the permission to chat with you or see if you are online.

It is easy to change your gmail profile picture as well as changes its privacy, but some people are still unable to achieve the task. To help such people, there is Gmail Customer Support available 14×7. They are a team of professionals who have all the knowledge about Gmail. You can contact them and learn everything about Gmail settings.

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