How to Change Gmail Email Notifications?

  • May 8, 2018
  • Priya
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Gmail has become the most promising and the most used platform which can help people connect with their clients as well as spread awareness of their business. As the number of Gmail user is huge across the globe, there is always a possibility that they might require information. From learning something new to fixing an issue, people tend to come to the aid of customer support often. The most promising thing while handling a business is getting important notifications. Professionals suggest turning on the gmail notification to ease the whole process of maintaining your email. If you are looking to get email notifications, you can follow below steps.

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1. Open Gmail on your computer/ Android/ iPhone & iPad.
2. Click on the “Settings” option available at the top right side. You have to open “Menu” available at the top left side and click “Settings” on your Android or iPad & iPhone.
3. Scroll down and open “Desktop Notifications” on Windows. Similar on Android and iPhone.
4. Turn on all the desired notification and save the changes.
5. Make sure you have synced the Gmail in your Android and iPhone or iPad.

Once you have saved all the changes, you will start receiving gmail notifications for all the new emails in the Primary section. There is so much more to learn about Gmail and notification. You can learn everything regarding the topic by contacting customer support. There are available all day, every day to assist you with your problems. You can contact Customer Support if you are having any issue with getting the notification. Or if you require any other assistance.

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