How To Add Or Remove Inbox Categories & Tabs In Gmail?

  • May 15, 2018
  • Priya
How To Add Or Remove Inbox Categories & Tabs In Gmail

There are numerous people using Gmail on a regular basis. It has become an integral part of their businesses and has offered them a chance to connect with their clients easily. But there are times when these users need help to fix problems or gather information about Gmail. There are numerous of issues a user can deal with while using Gmail. If you are looking for information which can help you add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail, you can contact customer support.

To help you take care of the issue yourself, here are some steps which will assist you to add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail:-

1. Open Gmail on your computer.
2. You will find a “Settings” option on the top right. Click “Settings”
3. You have to click the “Inbox” tab available in “Settings.”
4. In “Inbox,” you will find a section where you have to choose Default. You have to select another inbox type if you wish to hide all tabs.

5. You will come to the “Categories” section where you have to check the boxes alongside tabs to choose which ones you want to see. You cannot create new tabs. You can only hide or show the existing tabs.
6. Save all the changes, and you will be good to go.

Once you are done with saving all the changes, you will see the difference yourself. You can enable or disable tabs & categories according to your requirements. If you are unable to achieve your desired result by following above steps, Gmail Customer Support is available. You can talk to an executive to gather as much information about Gmail as possible.

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