How is VAJIRAM and RAVI for IAS Preparation

  • July 14, 2019
  • Priya

The IAS examinations Preparation are held every year with the motive to select the best for the service of the country. As you can imagine the task of selecting the best of the best is quite an exhausting and tough one. That is the reason why the UPSC conducted IAS preparation is the toughest examinations to be held in the entire country. This feat can also be attributed to the fact that the syllabus for the examination is no ordinary one. The curriculum is huge and so is the list of subjects. The selection process itself is a lengthy one with the first step being the preliminary examinations. The second one being the mains and the last one being the interview.

People from all over the country prepare for this monstrous task and hope. That they crack it to secure a good government job and serve the country as well. For this, they need various study material that might help them in their prep and help them crack the examination. Among these notes, Vajiram notes are considered the best in the market. Vajiram notes are top notch stare of the art notes.  That cover all the major concepts, focus on selecting studying, and encompass. All the topics necessary for conquering the IAS exams Preparation. Here are a few reasons as to why they considered the best in the market by candidates –

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  • Top to bottom topic coverage – IAS Preparation

As mentioned above, Vajiram notes consist of all the necessary topics. That are required for the cracking of the IAS exam. You need to understand that for particular notes to have all the required topics and pointers is not an easy task. It takes effort and time into making these notes and that is why they are considered. The best study material for IAS. The idea behind the notes was not to simply cramp topics up in a series of notes and provide them to candidates, instead. It was to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to understand and study. The most important topics that there are in the syllabus.

  • Emphasis on core learning  – IAS Preparation

The emphasis of the Vajiram notes is to focus on the core learning process. The idea is to soak the candidate into the knowledge base of the notes. So that at the time of the examination, the candidate is prepared from all angles. There are times when the only thing you can do is cramp up the core concepts as time is of the essence. Besides that, studying the core concepts, also known as selective studying has been there for ages. The idea is to only focus on the topics that are most likely to come in the examinations based on past record and previous question papers.

  • IAS Exams Test Preparation Series

Apart from the study material for IAS exams preparation, Vajiram notes also bring along with them their online test series that helps candidates to assess their own position on a nationwide basis. The test series is hugely popular among candidates as they provide a common platform for people to examine themselves and assess their position among other competitors. The Vision test series is also helpful in working on the weaknesses once they get discovered. It is absolutely necessary that a good test series like the Vision IAS test Preparation series is opted for during the test prep.

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