Best Android Games for Kids and Handheld Gamers

  • December 14, 2018
  • Priya
top android games for kids

In today’s age, there are hundreds of mobile games game for different audiences and in different genres. Teenagers, kids and adults each have their own plethora of games that they can choose from, depending on what type of games they prefer, which platform they use, etc. There are simply a lot of android games for kids, handheld gamers that one will simply lose track of them and won’t know which to pick up for themselves. On the android play store, games are classified by their genre so that it is easier for those interested, in picking up whichever they like the best. Aside from kids games app available in the store, you can find a number of games that you can install on your phone for your little brother/sister or child to play and also for you to enjoy in your free time.

Because of how long the list of games available in the store goes, you need a more comprehensive, hand-picked list of mobile games for kids to install on your smart phone. This will keep your young ones entertained and will give you something to pass the time with while you’re commuting or feeling bored at your office or at home.

Here are some of the Best Mobile Games for Kids you can Install and Try:

  1. Golf Clash:

A relatively new game, Golf Clash is one that’s popular across different ages. Anyone can play this simple yet addictive game where your main goal is to get the best score in a game of golf. You can opt to either play against bots or against real players from in your region or from around the world. The mechanics are polished and your child will fall in love with such kids games app.

golf clash android mobile game

  1. Crashlands:

Crashlands is a game that your android device doesn’t need an active internet or Wi-Fi connection to play. Installing this as one of the mobile games for kids on your phone, you can keep your child entertained for long periods of time. It is designed with much detail, in which you have to travel to a dangerous planet, build a base, defeat enemies and then escape. It has a good combat-system, as hand-held games go and an addictive gameplay which makes it infinitely repeatable.

crashlands mobile game

  1. Epic Skater:

If you’re looking for something simpler while browsing android games for kids on the store, then Epic Skater might be exactly what you need. Epic skater is an endless runner type game which actually doesn’t have your character running. Instead, you skate your way to your objectives, doing cool stunts along the way. You receive points for travelling farther, doing combination of stunts as you progress along the levels.

epic skater android game

  1. Dead Trigger 2:

Aside from kids apps for android, you can also find some horror games like Dead Trigger 2 download and install. It involves the zombie formula done just right, with hordes of the undead shambling onwards towards you. This is an FPS-style game that looks great on your android device and gives you a PC-experience right there on your hand-held device.

dead trigger 2 kids apps for android

  1. Shadow Fight 3:

Another game that stands out from all the kids apps for android you’ll find on the store, is Shadow Fight 3. Reminiscent of the button-mashers like Tekken you might have played on console or PC, this game will keep you entertained for hours on at an end.

shadow fight 3 android mobile gameJust like this, you can try playing games on your Laptop or PC, games like DOTA or CSGO if you feel like competitive games are more of your forte. You can use the aid of websites like Get a Smurf to get an account and start playing right away.

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