Best acne treatments for teenagers

  • December 12, 2019
  • Priya
Best acne treatments for teenagers

Are you an adolescent and struggling hard with the changes that you are experiencing in this stage?

After landing into the adolescent stage, the body goes through various changes during puberty. Some changes are acceptable and some are not. In this phase of transformation, teenagers experience physical, mental and behavioral alterations in their body. One of the changes that upset them the most is—Acne. Whether it be a girl or boy, acne horrifies all sexes. It takes away their night’s sleep and makes them disguise their face through Cosmetics and other make up products. Almost 85% of the teens suffer from the ‘acne’ problem. And, some out of those people are prone to receive more acnes than normal.

Due to which they go for multiple teenage acne treatments. These acne treatments are not always effective. Sometime, medications even worsen the condition. So, to deal with acne problems, here are some of the best treatments of skin acne:

  • More the toxin elimination, less are the acne

Toxins in the body if are not disposed effectively by the kidney and the liver that find their way out of the skin pores and take the form of acne. Accumulation of a large amount of toxins in the body leads to pimples. Therefore, it is advised to drink plenty of water as water helps to shed toxins.

Also, avoid consuming foods that have a high sugar content, artificial flavors and dyes.

  • No to Acne-removal creams and oils

Never use acne-removal creams and oils if not prescribed. They can augment acnes and sensitize the skin. Rather use natural ways to treat your skin by consuming high-fiber food like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, in short, take a balanced diet.

  • Keep your skin healthy and clean

Your skin breathes like you. It, too, feels suffocated by pollutants in the air. The dust, dirt in the air closes our skin pores and develop acne or even worsen them.

Therefore, wash your face twice in a day. Use a mild face wash; a sulphur soap would be best to treat acnes. It can be easily purchased from any pharmacy.

  • Use natural remedies

If you’re tired of performing all futile acne treatments, you can simply switch to old grandma’s remedies for the treatment of skin acne. These treatments are cost-free and require less labor as well.

Use lemon juice or honey on the affected face area (acne) and leave it for few minutes and then rinse it with water. These ingredients will minimize the acne growth and rejuvenate your skin. You can also use tea tree oil on the acne. Apply the oil thrice in a day, it will lessen the size of the acne on your face.


  • All need is a Facial Care

Care is what our skin asks for. The way we care about ourselves, the same is what our skin demands too. Follow three steps: Cleansing, spot treatment and moisturizing

  1. Cleansing

    – Use a non- soap cleanser or a 2 1/2% benzoyl peroxide wash twice in a day.

  2. Spot treatment

    – Dot the acnes with product 2% salicylic acid after the process of cleansing. It will minimize the acne growth over your face. Avoid this step, if you use benzoyl peroxide.

  3. Moisturizing-

    It is the last step, and the most necessary one as your face needs moisturizer even if it’s oily. If you have an oily face, purchase “oil-free”, “non- acnegenic,” or “non-comedogenic” moisturizers as you can apply makeup and other products after it.

These acne treatments will work wonder for you if follow harmoniously. They will treat your skin and make you more confident with an acne-free skin

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