An Introduction to Mobile App Development: Complete Guide

  • May 24, 2018
  • Priya
An Introduction to Mobile App Development: Complete Guide

Industries from all across the world are finding ways with which they can boost their business up and gain profit. There is nothing much better than high-level mobile applications. The entire market has been transformed with the mobile application development. Businesses of many industries, small as well as large, are adopting this new and advanced technology in order to gain the maximum number of benefits. In the last few years, the mobile app development has emerged out as one of the most flourishing industries. At the present moment, there are estimated to be 2.3 million mobile application developers who have devoted themselves in order to supply the demand of industry. It has been rightly said that mobile is the future. For the future of the digital businesses, mobile applications have turned out to be extremely crucial. Mobile and mobile application market is clearly on fire. More and more people have migrated from computers to phones or more specifically the smartphones and tablets. With advancing technologies the face of the internet has changed.

The significance of mobile phones can hardly be denied. There has been a tremendous transition in what we used as an ordinary device for communication to the smarter devices we use now. The change isn’t just noticeable but huge. The sales of tablets and smartphones have undoubtedly increased in the past few years and with it has increased the number of mobile apps. The number of mobile applications installed has also grown at an exponential rate. If one goes by the statistics then it would not be any kind of surprise that 2 out of 3 people are regular users of mobile application users. And as popularity of these smartphones as well as tablets has increased, the mobile application has become a popular medium of software creation.

Mobile Application and Mobile App Development

Before the detailed study of mobile application development, it is important to understand what mobile application development actually is. Mobile app development is a process through which a mobile application is developed for mobiles devices. These mobile apps can be either be pre-installed on mobile phones during the manufacturing process or downloaded by the customers from multiple mobile software distribution platforms. These applications can also be delivered as web applications too, using the client-side or server-side processing so as to provide an experience just like the application but in the web browser. Mobile applications are developed for most of the mobile devices such as the personal digital assistants, mobile phones, and enterprise digital assistants.

The mobile user interface is also an essential part when it comes to mobile application development. It considers all the contexts, screen, constraints, input as well as mobility as an outline for the design. The user is the focus to their interaction and the interface involves both the hardware as well as software components.

Importance of Mobile Application

For a successful business, mobile application development has become one of the fundamental as well as standard requirements. If we are to consider the existing marketing landscape, the businesses are adopting every possible strategy which can help them in reaching the top. The cut-throat competition which exists today, having an effective mobile application can help in retaining the existing customers while acquiring the new ones simultaneously. There are a lot of benefits associated with mobile applications but before that, here is the significance which mobile app development holds in business development.

There are some points of significance of mobile application development. Apart from getting benefited, mobile applications are also important in order to maintain the customer satisfaction.

1. It is essential to have a website but because of the ease of accessibility and portability, the customers prefer to use the mobile applications over websites. There are a variety of reasons due to which customers don’t want to use websites. Downloading an application and getting an access to the entire business catalog is relatively easier for them than wandering in the websites.

2. In sending out the notifications related to the business to the customers, mobile application is a great option. Most of the events such as the product launches, rewards as well as the discounted sales, all of it can be sent easily to their existing customer base. These few things are vital in maintaining the customer base and it can be done efficiently through mobile application development.

3. Everything is quicker, easier and efficient with mobile application and everything is hassle-free for the consumers.

4. Scheduling as well as organizing is important in the service industry. Earlier on, the handling, as well as organization, of every incoming appointment was done by an extra personnel but now, a mobile app handles it all. Also, the tasks which are prone to have human errors are performed without any kind of error as everything is being done automatically.

It is widely known that the amount of people accessing the internet on smartphones is quite larger than the people accessing it on computers. More than 60% of the smartphone users and owners have mobile applications installed in their respective devices. Through this statistics, it is clearly shown that the mobile applications are effective in engaging the customers. It can be concluded through this data that a mobile application can help businesses to get an access to a million new customers and more at their fingertips. The creation and distribution of a mobile application can be beneficial at an exceptional rate but it is significant to have one.

Benefits Associated With Mobile App Development

1. The Customer Loyalty: Since the very inception of mobile applications associated with the respective business, the owners are having an opportunity with which they are able to establish a connection with their customer base. Now, this connection is instant, direct and effective. With this, they can introduce the online discounts, coupons, offers, etc. This helps effectively in boosting the customer sales up and also develops brand loyalty.

2. Reinforced Brand Value: To capture the attention of customers is what a good marketing campaign is aimed at. Mobile app development can help in sustaining the brand image for a longer time and is quite beneficial in retaining the customers.

3. Expanded Customer base: It is well-known that the mobile application is significant if it comes to acquiring the customer base. Mobile app development is very helpful in increasing the marketing scope. Amount of customers is directly proportional to the exposure which the business gets. As mobile development helps in increasing the amount of the potential customer base, it directly widens the exposure which the brand is getting. Wider exposure is obviously better business growth.

4. Wider Customer Reach: For all the customers on the go, mobile applications are a great option. For sending notifications, promotional rewards as well as advertisements messages, mobile applications work the best. The fact that mobile phones are among the most heavily used devices in modern times and mobile application development is utilizing this as an advantage so that a better success rate is yielded.

Programming Languages Used In Developing Mobile Apps

The industry of mobile app development has grown at an exceptional rate in the past 5 years. In addition to it emerge as a booming industry, it has changed the way of business functioning entirely. As there are rapid developments taking place in the mobile devices, the productivity with it has also elevated. However, a lot of hard work of developers goes into this. Before developing a mobile application, it is better to understand target market, choosing the platform for app development, etc. are important to decide. It is quite imperative to choose the right programming language.

1. HTML5

This is an ideal programming language for building a Web-fronted application for the mobile devices. Inserting various data types is simpler with this. It helps in accounting for distinct screen sizes, and also rationalizing the input parameters.

2. Objective-C

This has been chosen by Apple in order to build applications which are scalable as well as strong. Objective-C is a programming language for iOS applications. As this is a part of the framework of Apple development, Objective-C is completely integrated in all iOS as well as the MacOS.

3. Swift

This is one of the latest programming languages to be included in the Apple ecosystem. This has been designed in such a manner that it eliminates all the security vulnerabilities which were possible with the Objective-C. Most of the businesses are looking for the Swift developers with an expertise in providing cutting-edge applications using Swift.

4. C++

This programming language is one of the most appropriate as well as a robust language when Windows and Android mobile application development are taken into consideration. This is a powerful language and so it allows the mobile applications to be developed for every purpose and on every platform which exists. Before the smartphone revolution, this dominated the entire programming world.

5. C#

C# does for Windows what Objective-C does for Apple. This is one of the most popular programming languages for the Windows mobile phone application development. Also, C# emerges out to be the perfect language for programming which builds robust Windows phone applications.

6. Java

If we are to take Android app development, then the most preferred programming language is indeed Java. This can be run in two different ways, in a browser window or in a virtual machine which is able to perform without a browser.

Industries Which Use Mobile App Development

Most of the mobile app development companies provide technological services to the multiple industries so that the businesses are getting services related to their handheld devices. As there are continuous advancements made in the field of technology, there are highly-interactive applications developed by the developers utilizing various programming languages. It doesn’t matter whichever business one is associated with, small, moderate, or big sized company, promoting the business is a significant process in elevating the business growth. If the promotion of business isn’t done in a proper way then there is certainly no way that the business can thrive. Most of the industries have started to develop highly-interactive mobile applications. These applications are competent enough in strengthening their core businesses as well as increase the customer base. Mobile application development is effective in building a relationship with the customers, increases the brand awareness, visibility, strengthen brand as well as accessibility.

1. Education

With the advanced technology, life has simplified and mobile technology has made learning quite easy. This is a digital age and there are many options through which learning of students can be enhanced. It is easier and quicker to comprehend the subjects with mobile applications. Not only the students but also the teachers are extremely benefitted with mobile application. Standard of the quality of education can be enhanced with the use of educational mobile applications. This will also help in scheduling, organizing as well as managing the entire system of respective education institute.

2. Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism applications are one of the most widely used mobile applications these days. For the growth and enhancement of reputation of the business of travel companies, there are a lot of app development companies undertaking such work. With a mobile application, it is better for the travelers to plan and schedule their trips very efficiently. Not just scheduling and planning of the trip, there are many other features which are involved in the mobile application. Either it is about finding a hotel or booking the tickets for the trip, travel apps have proven out to be very effective for the travel industry.

3. Banking

In banking and finance sector also, mobile applications are able to offer multiple benefits to the customers. The utilization of mobile development in the banking sector helps the industry in various ways. It helps in the betterment of customer engagement. The customers are well-informed of the new schemes, financial products, and offers. With loaded features, mobile applications have proven out to be nothing less than a boon for the banking sector.

4. Pharmaceutical

There are a lot of challenges which are faced by the pharmaceutical industry and in this ever-so-challenging time, mobile applications have emerged out to be very useful. With the mobile application, the work for pharmacists has become quite easier. Right from clinical studies to storing the vast data based on the research of various surveys, a mobile app manages everything efficiently. In comprehending the impact of any product as well as implementation of it in the future, mobile applications are a perfect option for that.

5. Manufacturing

As technology advancements have benefitted all the industries, manufacturing industries have also stepped forward in utilizing this. Mobile applications help the manufacturing industry in automation of complex operations easily. A well-developed mobile app is competent in streamlining inventory management, customer services, invoicing, logistics as well as all other processes related to manufacturing units.

With custom mobile application development, almost all kinds of industries are benefitted. It can be inferred that mobile application development is extremely beneficial for the emerging businesses and their success. A well-structured, as well as a user-friendly mobile application, is very important in the digital era that exists today. For the enhancement of productivity and the profitability of businesses, a mobile application will be of high significance.

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