Advantages of Entertainment Table over Conventional Entertainment Media

  • May 23, 2018
  • Priya
entertainment media

The entertainment news in today’s world is not any gospel truth, it has remained mere gossip and nothing else. In the morning, we read news about the divorce of a celebrity couple and in the evening we get to read that the couple has rebutted the news and are partying at some hill station.

A reporter gets an image and he/she cooks up a story in the mind. There is enough redundancy of news and people are getting bored of it. The entertainment media in the US made Angelina Jolie pregnant a number of times.

The world has been maligned to such an extent that even true stories are now hardly believed by people. The entertainment news channels often come up with shocking revelations, but keep their sources secret. While as at the Entertainment Table, your source of the news are the reliable persons who discuss, chat and gossip with you about the latest happenings in the entertainment industry.

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When the sources are not disclosed by a media channel. The news loses its authenticity and it is then treated just as a gossip and nothing else.

Till the 1950s, the entertainment news was considered credible as the revelations made were explosive. The media channel would not keep its sources secret unless the latter choose to remain anonymous.

The internet sensation Kim Kardashian recently said that the entertainment industry is confronted with a conundrum. what exactly it should write, truth or just a gossip for entertainment.

In today’s world, it seems, the entertainment journalists are writing just a few topics and there is no fact checking on it. While as entertainment journalists in the past would utilize new ideas every day to write news stories.

A journalist who talks to a celebrity for just two- three minutes, in the morning comes up with a thousand word feature. The entertainment beat reporters just want to make the reader realize as if they had a day long conversation with the celebrity.

Nowadays, maximum of the entertainment news content is based on the social media activity of the celebrities. Celebrities have their assistants typing on their behalf and even a damn thing they post or tweet makes a news.

Why Everyone Should Come And Join People At Entertainment Table?

The truth is that people are addicted to the celebrity news and the entertainment media keeps feeding them with their habit. Charles Taylor states in an article published about two decades back in 1988 that a photo of a celebrity on the cover page of a magazine increases its sale.

If the daily redundant celebrity gossips published or broadcasted by the entertainment media. which have bored you then meet people at Entertainment Table. Also know the happening events, about art, music, and cinema.

You can have fruitful discussions, chats and gossips with the people. And the best thing about Entertainment Table is that you can use it. Which is use for advertising your upcoming event and generate more participants.

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You will come to know about forthcoming events, enjoy stand up comedies. Moreover, there will be Gurus who will be giving you lessons about dance, painting, art and instrumental music etc.

Not just entertainment, it provides you with a really very good opportunity to make good friends in real life. You can meet people at Entertainment Table and make friends with them. You can make new friends only with those whom you want with. To avoid the prying eyes of strangers, it is always best to talk across tables.

When you share hilarious inside jokes with your friends, those moments remain in our hearts forever. Friends share jokes about annoying teachers, over dramatic girls and uncivilized guys. This is something that enlightens our mood always.

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