7 Best Bike Racing Games Online You Must Play This Year

  • May 21, 2018
  • Priya
bike racing games

Bike racing is something that excites people the most, in real life. Not everyone can participate in bike races themselves, considering how risky it could be for novices, but that doesn’t stop them from watching them on TV and sharing clips online of professional bike races. Games in general offer a release to people who want to, but can’t engage in such racing activities in real life, and thus it’s the next best thing for anyone to do. If you are a bike racing enthusiast, then you can play some bike racing games online that will keep you entertained for hours on an end. With these games, you can have your own high-speed adventure on a sport or dirt bike, going over jumps and obstacles like a professional bike-racer does.

If you have played the cult-classic ‘Road Rash’, then you’d love the big library of bike racing games online. There, you can race on obstacle courses, do stunts, have a blast going at crazy speeds and more. Made using WebGL and Flash, these games look great and delivers an authentic feel, whether you are playing on your laptop, your computer or on any other platform.

Here are 7 of the Best Bike Racing Games Online that you can check out for yourself:

1. 3D Moto Simulator 2:

If you try the 3D MOTO SIMULATOR 2, then you’d be in for a fast-paced motorbike game which will keep you entertained for hours. You will be testing your bike-driving skills while you complete time trials and certain courses. Choose the bike you’d prefer, whether you’d like a trial bike, a cross bike or just get yourself a police bike. The maps range from a mountainous desert, to a barren wasteland and even an urban, city complex.

2. Moto X3M 2:

If dirt bike racing is your thing, then MOTO X3M 2 is the right choice for you, out of all the bike racing games online. Unlike the normal bike racing games you might have grown accustomed to, in this one, you have to cross tracks that have an uneven terrain, cross steep obstacles and other wacky bits while you flip and perform stunts. This way, you have to conquer the various levels that change in difficulty while you survive on these tough obstacle courses.

3. Bike Blast:

bike blast

Just like an endless running game like Subway Surfer or Temple Run, this is a game where you have to ride through a busy street on your BMX bike. Along the way, you’ll get ample opportunities to do stunts, jump over vehicles and collect coins. By doing challenges and stunts, you will rank up and also earn more rewards like new riders and bikes.

4. Bike Race Simulator:

Out of all the bike racing games online, this is one game that is unique and thus, quite popular. It is not a side-scroller game like other bike racing games, but a complete, over the shoulder bike-riding experience. You can customize your bike right down to the chassis and color. You can use the credits you receive from winning races to further upgrade your bike, its acceleration and power.

5. Blocky Trials:

Another sweet bike racing game that you can get a kick from, is the game Blocky Trials. Essentially, it is like any generic motocross game but pretty soon you’ll be hooked to the unique, blocky-style of the game. After you have chosen your rider, your ride and which map you prefer, you will have to complete the tracks while carefully balancing your player in order to win.

6. Bike Rider 2: Armageddon:

Unlike other bike racing games online, Bike Rider 2: Armageddon is different experience for you altogether. Fellow Road Rash players would love this game because in order to succeed, not only would you need to be in front of the pack, but you would also have to bash them up in order to get ahead. Armed with your choice of weapon, you will get across all levels in the most gruesome way possible.

7. Roger Dead Zombie Biker:

Taking leave of all the generic play styles most bike racing games online have these days, Roger Dead Zombie Biker shifts from the tradition. This is indeed a fun-filled racing game, only in a world filled with zombies. You play as a zombie who has to drive endlessly, and make sure that the stunts you do, doesn’t completely deplete your health. With a cool music and design, you can’t go wrong with this game.

Therefore, these are 7 of the best bike racing games that you can currently find online. You can let your kids play these games whenever you want, or kill some time while keeping yourself entertained. If you prefer, you can even go for games which you have to install instead of online bike racing games which will be better in all respects, just the way you’d like.

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