Know About How to Create a YouTube Channel

  • July 7, 2019
  • Priya
How to create a YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel” –  If you are already considering to become a YouTube, one of the foremost things you will have to do is to create a YouTube channel. It is probably one of the smartest decision you can make for yourself provided the fact that every single minute videos amounting to 300 hours are uploaded on the platform. However, creating a channel on YouTube is a little different from creating a website. The process, however, is comparatively extremely convenient.

This blog has a breakdown of the basics that you as a YouTuber are going to require to setup your YouTube channel. Let us get started.

Basics things first…

At the outset, you will need to create a channel and it is incredible easy to create one on YouTube. This can be done within a couple of clicks and you will already be ready to get your channel up and running once you are done. Here’s how to Create a YouTube Channel:

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Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube and click the icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click the gear icon and access the settings of your YouTube account.

Step 3: Click on the option where it says “Create a new channel”.

Step 4: Select the option where it asks you to enter the name of the channel. You may select depending on what sort of channel you intend to create (business/private).

Step 5: Enter your channel name and click on the “create” option.

After creating the channel you will need to proceed onto more detailed things such as:

 Filling in the “about” your youtube channel section

Once you have created the channel, you will obviously want to write up a description of your channel. Which is essentially a summary of what your channel is all about. This will also be the first option you will see once you have created the channel.  This is also the space wherein you can add website links and the links to any other social media accounts that you run. The description that you fill in shall display in multiple places. So make sure that you write up the best description possible for your channel.

Spread your art with a channel

Whenever you visit any channel on YouTube, the first thing you notice is a large banner that displays the name of the channel. This is the face of your channel and the space where you get to introduce your brand to the world.

Depending upon your preference, you can make the cover photo of your channel as lavish or as minimalist as you may desire. However, in both the cases you should not forget to keep the brand as the center of attraction. This will lay the first impression on the visitors visiting your channel. There is a variety of tools available to pep up your cover photo in case you do not happen to be a professional graphic designer.  Alternatively, if you have the money to spare, you can get one designed from a seasoned graphic designer. However, do not forget to keep the resolution limitations in mind before you design the cover art for your channel.

These tips are more important to get started your youtube channel. The next step is to market your channel properly which we shall discuss in some other blog someday.

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